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Dji Range Extender

Description for: the Dji spark mavic pro air mini imparts an extended range air filter that helps keep your drone flying level and photo realism, the Dji range extender as well an air filter replacement for your Dji spark mavic pro air mini. This will help reduce the amount of noise you hear when flying.

Antennas - New!

ARGtek DJI Phantom 4 &

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For Dji Mavic 2/mini/air/pro Spack

Drone Antenna Signal Booster Range

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Mavic 2 Pro Range Extender

The mavic 2 pro range extender is splendid for enthusiasts wanting to add extra range to their drone without having to remove all the wings, this product is manufactured from durable plastic and materials, allowing it to last long in the market. It is conjointly made to work with the mavic 2 mini air pro, giving you the added benefit of superior range, the yagi-uda range extender for Dji mavic 2 mini air drone helps your drone to extend the range for image take-offs and landings. With this extender, you can increase the power and angle of aimpoint sniper cameras while still providing good quality signal reception, the Dji range extenders are designed to help your Dji mavic mini 2 pro accessory range up to 2. 4 g higher than necessary, this increased range allows your camera to take better pictures and your video. Dji drone antenna signal booster range extender is produced of strong plastic and metal for extra stability and protection, it includes two range knobs to adjust the range, and comes with two stability screws to keep your camera in place. and is compatible with both Dji mavic mini and 2 pro.