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Netgear Ex6200 Wi-fi Range Extender (ac1200)

The Netgear Ex6200 dual-band Ac1200 wireless ac wifi range extender is exceptional for extending the reach of your wireless network, this device comes with 2 dual-bands and is available in both fast and slow data modes. It can also be used as a security or home security device with its included motion sensor and front-end security.

NETGEAR EX6200 Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender (AC1200)
With Power Supply

Netgear Ac1200 Wifi Range Extender Ex6200

The Netgear Ex6200 Ac1200 wireless dual band wi-fi range extender is a terrific shape for when you need to add some extra wireless range to your home, it is a self buffering unit that means it will slowly learn what new blood is in the area and will then start flowing new traffic. This unit also offers an 2-year warranty, the Netgear Ex6200 Ac1200 dual band wireless wifi range extender is a first-rate way to extend the wifi range of your device. This device is tested to extend the wifi range up to 100 ft, with excellent performance. The Netgear Ex6200 is a practical alternative for shoppers who itch to extend the wifi range and who crave to avoid paying the high price tags, this Netgear Ex6200 Ac1200 dual band wi-fi range extender is an excellent condition product. This is a first-rate value for your money, this product gives a power over biz technology to help keep your biz connection strong. This product also gives a built-in 802, 11 wlan card which will help keep your computer connected to your home network. This product is furthermore a sensational product for enthusiasts who desire to keep their biz connection fresh and new, this Netgear Ac1200 dual band wifi range extender is an outstanding alternative to extend the wifi range of your device. This unit provides range options, and can switch to single or double-ophyllumdentate mode to provide the best wifi range, the unit also features a front-and-center micro-usb port for basic data and video transfer.