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Opticover Wireless Range Extender

The wifi range extender is a best-in-class substitute to extend the wifi signal in your space, this device is sealed with an 10-day warranty and is sure to help your wifi experience are as strong as or even stronger than the day you bought it.

Cheap Opticover Wireless Range Extender

The Wireless range extender is designed to help extend the range of your Wireless network or router, this product works with bothselect-based and bait-and-switch-based Wireless networks. When you add the Wireless range extender to your network, it will add the range extender to your account and help mitigate the risks of network failure, the Wireless range extender also includes an 3-year warranty. This wifi range extender is a top addition to your home, and can help extend the Wireless range of your home's connections, with its built-in signal booster, and ability to repeater 1200 mbps wifi range extender is top-quality for individuals who need a little bit of range increased over traditional Wireless range extenders. This device is designed to work with the wifi devices of everyone, regardless of their biz speed or location, with its simple user interface and low price, the is an essential tool for enthusiasts who covet to extend the range of their wifi devices. This exceptional product can be used in addition to the tk-360 wifi booster to increase your wifi signal even more.