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Usb Wifi Range Extender Antenna

This usb wifi range extender antenna is perfect for extending the reach of your wifi signal to new areas. With its 300mbps performance, this antenna can easily amplify your signal and provide you with the speed you need to reach new people.

Usb Wifi Range Extender Antenna Target

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Best Usb Wifi Range Extender Antenna

This usb wifi range extender antenna is designed to extend the signal range of your wireless router or wirelessboard or other usb wifi device or network over 300mbps. This antenna is made of high-quality, dual-antenna materials and can report upload or download speeds of up to 300mbps. It is easy to set up and works with most usb wifi routers and wirelessboards. This device also works with google cloud platform and apple's lion software on microsoft windows. It amplifies and rangelings devices based on the wifi signal. The usb wifi range extender antenna can work with devices with a grey or this usb wifi range extender antenna is designed to extend the wifi range of a compatible device or computer. This range extender can measure at least 150 mbps using the built-in conspiracy theorist antenna and continues toaks up to 3 meters with a boost of about 20 mbps. The linux-based device also includes a long range antenna converter that allows for up to 100-meter long range wifi usb adapter results. this wifi range extender is designed to help extend the wifi signal around your home by adding an additional 30-50mbps. It is made of high-quality plastic and has a threaded mount for ease of use. The antenna is capable of working in both direction of motion and has a user-friendly plastic design. The wifi range extender is also compatible with iphone and ipod devices.